"I have no doubt that FTCA's insulated covers have prolonged the life of our equipment.
Great service and a quality product."


If you need to protect your equipment from freezing or overheating – and protect your workers from your equipment’s extreme heat, noise or vibration – FTCA has got you covered. Their high quality tailor-made fabric covers provide the insulation you need, whether you’re protecting valves and flanges on oil and gas equipment or protecting the engine of your automobile.

» Oil and Gas Equipment Covers
» Welding Tarps
» Exhaust covers
» Gouging pads
» Furnace Seals
» Tube seals
» Steam turbines
» Electrical/Glycol Control Boxes

FTCA uses only the best materials – fiberglass insulation or closed cell foam, offering protection for temperatures up to 287°C (550°F), Silica Cloth and ceramic fiber insulation for temperatures up to 1260°C (2300°F). For longer product life, FTCA’s removable insulation blankets use Kevlar®, Teflon® and stainless steel seam threads.

For a tight and perfect seal, FTCA uses “D” rings or Velcro® hook and loop technology for fasteners, as well as SS tie wire and lacing anchors.

In addition, all of FTCA’s products are reusable and therefore more environmentally friendly.

FTCA can fabricate insulation covers with any fabric that customers want – covers made to spec, on time, of the highest quality, and the perfect fit, every time.

Oil and Gas Equipment Covers

Below, FTCA completed an entire well pad for Petro Canada in Mckay River.

Below, another insulated cover that protects equipment from freezing.

A completed module at Devon Jackfish 3.

One more example of how FTCA’s insulated covers protect valuable equipment
from freezing.

Below, a completed Nexen Energy Super Module with over 1200 covers.

Below, Devon Jackfish 2 Well Heads.

Exhaust Covers

This cover for a drilling rigs diesel generator is a great example of our personal protection projects. The blankets cover the turbo charger and exhaust manifold to protect workers from the extreme heat the unit generates while working.

Gouging Pads

These pads are made for heat adsorption, to use on applications where intense heat and molten metal is produced and one layer of Fire Blanket is not sufficient. They are ideal for pre-heat and post-heat treatments also as a heat shield when working on hot steel/metal objects.

Tube Seals

Tube Seals for fired heaters, below.

Steam Turbines

Steam Turbine at Keep Hills 3.

Electrical/Glycol Control Boxes

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